What happened to us?

Yesterday I wrote an article on Facebook and I wanted to preserve it here. A link to the original post is at the bottom. I’ve sat here watching my “news”feed on Facebook, tweets on Twitter and reading news stories in my news app for the last several months. I’ve seen...

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Just before Halloween, I had the honor of photographing Hailee and taking a little bit of artistic vision to produce this piece for her.

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Headshots for Thomas

Simple headshots can add so much to a person's profile, whether for business or personal use. They can be traditional, environmental, candid, whatever your needs. Tired of the selfies? Ask me about headshots for yourself.

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Attention All Federal Employees

If you are a local federal employee not being paid and potentially need a professional headshot for use for a new job search please message me directly and we will hook you up with a free headshot. This is not a political post. This is simply me taking a step to give...

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New studio coming soon!

I've got some BIG NEWS! I now have studio space so I no longer have to turn away clients because of the weather! Thanks to a friend and fellow photographer who just moved her studio to a new location, she offered me a chance to solidify my business and offer you, my...

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